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Company Profile

Pioliís Airconditioning Limited is developing, since its inception in 2004, into a strong and healthy concern, with a sound organisational structure, motivated staff and a comprehensive communication and reporting network. We started life as a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning specialist contractor, however since our inception we have also diversified into OEM, of which import and distribute portable and split type systems.

The company predominately services blue chip clients, all of whom demand the highest standards of service and we pride ourselves in our ability to listen and respond quickly to our clientsí requirements.

Clients include: Iceland, Department of Constitutional Affairs, Loro Piana, Redab Ltd, Friends House, and Public Guardianship Office, Official Solicitors office, Balls Brothers bar and Restaurants, Craik Jones Associates


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A comprehensive, signed and up-to-date (i.e. June 2003), Safety Policy document is in force. The full copy of the statement of intent and a prťcis of both the organisational safety structure and the arrangements, for carrying the policy into force, are attached (Appendix 1).

The document, which is formally reviewed annually, is brought to the notice of all employees, through formal individual induction.

The day-to-day safety management systems incorporate bespoke IT and manual (i.e. paper-based) systems and the company is a member of the Construction Health and Safety Group as well as a number of Trade Associations, whereby it actively promotes and supports both corporate and individual health and safety programmes.


NOTE: Pioliís Airconditioning Limited. has no objection to and would welcome the opportunity for, any interested party to carry out an inspection of any site, on which the company is currently working.

Copies of the certificates of insurance are provided (Appendix 4), for Employers and Public Liability, Company ĎAll Risksí and Professional Indemnity (where appropriate).

NOTE: The client may add specific, additional, insurance requirements to any contract, subject to advance notification.



Directors, managers and supervisors, of the company, have all attended a relevant Health and Safety Course, in accordance with the corporate training programme and individual training record.

All other employees have received general health and safety training, appropriate to their type of work, following formal induction training.



If any part(s) of the work is sub-contracted, the company will ensure that contractors have an adequate policy for health and safety and an acceptable performance, in accident and ill-health prevention.


Safety Representatives are elected from within the workforce, although the company does not recognise any Trades Union. Furthermore, a detailed Ďnon-statutoryí Safety Committee structure has been established, for joint consultation purposes.




Maintenance client base £ 95,000.00

Carrying out routine maintenance on a regular basis and report to client on a monthly basis on progress of contract and update on equipment.

Installation Projects

Department of Constitutional Affairs £105,000.00

Close control system, installing 2 No. Eaton Williams IPAC units feeding new updated server room

Iceland £ 25,000.00

Overhauling and Recommissioning of store airconditioning plant which incorporates Airedale split type system (45KW) and rebalancing of air distribution

Four Mill Bank £ 12,000.00

Close control system, installing a remote dry cooler serving 2 No. Eaton Williams IPAC units

Public Guardianship Office £ 56,500.00

Close control system, installing a remote dry cooler serving 2 No. Eaton Williams IPAC units, with all associated pipework, control panels, remote alarms and pressurisation unit.

Craik Jones Associates £ 3,500.00

Close control system, installing a remote dry cooler serving 2 No. Eaton Williams IPAC units

Official Solicitors Office £ 39,500.00

Overhauling of 2 No. carrier chillers

Department of Constitutional Affairs £ 185,000.00

Complete design and installation from pipework to mains cabling through to commissioning of a VRV Plus system to various offices within the building,











TELEPHONE No: Simon Pioli 01795 539 444














The Company policy records our statement of intent (reproduced in full below), the organisational safety structure and the arrangements made for the health and safety of staff employed by Pioliís Airconditioning Limited and any others, who may be affected by our activities. The document is regularly reviewed and provides a permanent reference, so that the implementation of its objectives will demonstrate the Companyís commitment to comply with legal requirements in all of its undertakings.


The policy is distributed, in its entirety, to all employees and persons not in the employment of Pioliís Airconditioning Limited. (i.e. clients and contractors etc.) are issued with this document, although they will be able to consult the whole document through any member of staff.


This document is current at the date of the last full policy review and in case of any doubt the full policy document should always be consulted, as amendments made between review periods will only be recorded in that document. However, if significant changes should occur, notification will be made on the employee addendum sheets will be provided to each and every client and contractor.
















Policy Statement

The Directors of Pioliís Airconditioning Limited, hereinafter referred to as Ďthe Companyí, understand and fully accept responsibility for and will take all reasonable measures to ensure the health, safety and welfare of its staff and others who may be affected by our activities. The Company will comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and any relevant regulations, in addition to the requirements of any main contractorís safety plan.

It is the policy of the Company to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable:

The provision and maintenance of safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work,

ii) That sufficient resources, information, training and supervision are provided for these purposes

iii) In doing so, the Directors aim to pursue a programme of progressive improvement in the health and safety performance of the company, recognising also that our staff are our most important asset.

The Company will also ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of non-employees who may be affected by our work activities.



The Company expects all staff to accept individual responsibility to both co-operate with the Directors and Senior Managers in the implementation of this policy and to take reasonable care of themselves and others, who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work.

To enable these functions to be carried out, it is our intention to ensure that responsibilities for health and safety matters are effectively assigned (see section 2.0) within our organisational structure and for suitable and sufficient arrangements to be made (see section 3.0) to effectively implement, monitor and review safety practices and procedures.

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure that it reflects changes in the nature and size of the business and to ensure that it is up to date and reflects any changes in work activities or legislation.

Signed and dated by the

Managing Director

30th June 2003







Individual Responsibilities

The Managing Director is ultimately responsible for all aspects of occupational health and safety, including implementation of the policy, ensuring that sufficient resources are made available to meet the Companyís safety objectives and obligations, the annual review of policy and procedures and to consider and analyse any relevant reports and statistics, related to health and safety.

The Health and Safety Advisor will provide competent safety advice and training, in liaison with the Health and Safety Co-ordinators, as well as investigating all Ďnotifiableí accidents and undertaking an internal safety review, every 12 months.

The Health and Safety Co-ordinators will carry out inspections, to ensure that premises, plant, equipment, facilities and work activities are managed in accordance with specified systems of work. They will also ensure adequate communication between staff, departments, sites, tenants, landlords, clients, contractors and enforcement agencies. In addition, the risk assessment process will be implemented and monitored, to ensure that safe systems of work are documented and staffs, or contractors, are fully trained to operate them.

Projects / Client Managers are responsible for the physical aspects and maintenance of their projects, buildings or sites, in liaison with the Health and Safety Co-ordinators. They will also undertake risk assessments, as required and ensure that staff and contractors are adequately trained and supervised, to work safely.

Line Managers are required to ensure that all employees under their control are aware of and undertake their individual health and safety duties and to liaise with the Health and Safety Co-ordinators about training needs. They will also undertake a thorough Job Safety Review, which includes suitable and sufficient risk assessments, within their department and report all accidents to one of the Health and Safety Co-ordinators, after having investigated the primary, secondary and root causes.

The Health and Safety Committee will act as a channel of communication between the Managing Director and the Employees and individual Committee Members will be responsible for spotting hazards and unsafe working practices, within their work area(s).

All Employees are required to take care of themselves and others and to work in accordance with Company procedures. They must inform their Line Manager of any work situation that may represent a serious and imminent danger or of any matter that may represent a shortcoming in the arrangements for health and safety.

Furthermore, no person shall intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety or welfare.




Risk Management and Control

Pioliís Airconditioning limited has carried out a programme of Job Safety Review and Risk Assessment(s) and will update them, as often as is necessary. This has involved identification of all hazards and the provision of appropriate control measures, to minimise the risk(s). The control measures have been fully documented to ensure that they are properly maintained and regularly reviewed.

The current risk assessments are available from the Health and Safety Co-ordinators, who are responsible for implementing the risk management system. These are also made available to others who may need them (i.e. contractors, clients, landlords, tenants, enforcement officers etc.) and information will be exchanged with all interested parties to ensure that new and / or additional risks are adequately controlled.




Selection Procedures and Competency

Prior to employing any staff, whether on a permanent or temporary basis, they will be interviewed and assessed, in whatever way is appropriate but in relation to a skills map, to ensure that they are competent to undertake the duties required of them or, at least, capable of being trained to carry out those duties while under appropriate supervision (particularly if the are young, inexperienced or suffer physical or mental impairment).




Pioliís Airconditioning Limited has implemented a programme of training, to ensure that staff is adequately trained to do their job safely. This ranges from induction training, for each new employee, to a comprehensive set of courses, covering the relevant health and safety aspects of working at a particular site.

An individual record is kept of the skill(s) and experience of each employee, together with a specific record of any health and safety training undertaken, which also forms the basis for regular reviews of training needs (i.e. role mapping).








First Aid and Accident Reporting

Pioliís Airconditioning Limited ensures that appropriate first-aid equipment is provided and maintained, together with suitable notices, identifying the location of the equipment and contact arrangements for qualified assistance, in prominent positions throughout each of the companyís premises. All staff are aware of these arrangements and the procedure for reporting accidents and occurrences.

All treatment is recorded and the First Aiders are responsible for ensuring that the records are properly maintained and the appropriate manager informed. All accidents will be investigated, in order to both prevent a future recurrence (or similar incident) and to provide statistical information from which to analyse trends, whether or not the incident involves injury.

Appropriate accident reporting procedures exist for both statutory (i.e. notifiable occurrences) and non-statutory (i.e. personal injury claims) situations.


Office and General Workplace Safety

Pioliís Airconditioning Limited will ensure that the whole of the workplace, including offices, sites and workshops and the equipment contained therein is maintained, in efficient working order and in a good state of repair. The majority of the maintenance work will be carried out by Contractors, from an Approved List, compiled by the Health and Safety Co-ordinators, who will ensure that a record, of all maintenance and repair work, is provided.

All workplaces, under the direct control of Pioliís Airconditioning Limited, have been assessed to ensure that the appropriate standards (i.e. as recommended in Approved Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes etc.) have been achieved and where Pioliís Airconditioning Limited does not control the workplace; those standards will still be required.

In locations where disabled people are employed or likely to visit regularly, special provisions will be made.

Hazardous Substances

Pioliís Airconditioning Limited recognises that certain substances are hazardous. The Health and Safety Co-ordinators, or a qualified health and safety practitioner has undertaken an assessment of all chemicals, used by staff, which is constantly reviewed, at each location. Appropriate control measures have been implemented, where necessary and only trained personnel are permitted to use substances classified as harmful.

Contractors will have to provide a COSHH data sheet and assessment for each hazardous substance they use on any Pioliís Airconditioning Limited contract.




Electrical and Gas Safety

All work will be undertaken in accordance with the latest I.E.E. and C.O.R.G.I. Regulations and risk assessments will be reviewed and updated regularly, particularly if there is a change in the nature of the installation work or equipment used.

The Projects Managers are responsible for providing the commissioning certificate and for maintaining a copy on record.


Plant, Machinery and Equipment

All items of work equipment and plant will be suitable, by design, construction or adaptation, for the purpose for which it is used or provided and will be suitable for use, maintained in an efficient working order and in good repair, in the place it was intended and in accordance with the manufacturersí instructions and active steps will be taken to provide suitable training, safe work systems and a safe working environment, to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations.


Safe Methods of Work

Pioliís Airconditioning Limited has implemented procedures, to ensure that staff is trained in the correct methods of work and that equipment is correctly selected, stored, inspected and maintained and a system of reporting defects, to both equipment and systems, has been implemented.

Specific systems have also been developed for access systems (i.e. ladders, trestles and towers etc.), manual handling, confined space operations (i.e. chambers and voids etc.) and work with pressure systems (i.e. compressed air etc.). Project Managers are responsible for ensuring that these are all properly assessed and the control measures implemented and co-ordinated.

Pioliís Airconditioning Limited has identified which situations require contractors to obtain a permit before undertaking work. The procedures are designed to ensure the safety of both engineers and clientsí staff, when work is being carried out and details are available on each site.







Occupational and Social Health Hazards

Pioliís Airconditioning Limited has a policy of monitoring the health of all of their staff and all new employees are required to complete a confidential medical questionnaire and / or undertake a medical examination. All staff are required to inform one of the Health and Safety Co-ordinators, immediately, if they have contracted, or have come into contact with an infectious / communicable disease.


A smoking policy has been devised and is in place, although specific arrangements are made for each location.

New and Expectant Mothers

Female employees who fall into this category must inform one of the Health and Safety Co-ordinators and provide a medical certificate to verify their condition, in order that they can be protected from potentially harmful (i.e. physical, chemical and biological) agents and processes and suitable rest facilities can be identified.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse

If there is the slightest doubt about an employeesí condition, medical advice will always be sought, as employees who consume excessive levels of alcohol or restricted drugs during their working day, or prior to arriving for work, put themselves and others at risk.

The unauthorised use or possession of drugs or alcohol is expressly forbidden and the Company reserves the right to require an employee to undergo a medical examination, including a drugs test, by a Company Appointed Doctor. Any employee in breach of these rules will be subject to severe disciplinary action, which could include dismissal.

Lone Working

Before a project is started the Project Manager will assess the risks involved, where lone working is unavoidable. In these circumstances, the manager will implement lone working procedures and formally instruct employees, who will in turn abide by, the working procedure applicable to the site (e.g. registering with security).
















Threats of Violence and Harassment

Staff have been instructed to report any suspicious behaviour or incidents of verbal abuse of physical violence to their immediate supervisor, immediately.

Sexual or racial harassment, of any kind, will not be tolerated and any employee in breach of these rules will be subject to severe disciplinary action, which could include dismissal.

Staff Working on Client Sites

Staff who are contracted out and work on a clientsí own site, will be made fully aware of the health and safety arrangements of the client. Pioliís Airconditioning Limited will have been informed, prior to sending people to work, for any length of time on a clientís site, that the health and safety provisions, of the client, are adequate and that Pioliís Airconditioning Limited workers will not be put at risk.

Working overseas

Pioliís Airconditioning Limited will always undertake a risk assessment, before sending staff overseas and thoroughly brief the staff on the arrangements for their safety, in the country in which they are staying. Individual members of staff, however, are required to familiarise themselves with and abide by the relevant laws and customs and be aware of their personal duties.
















Emergency Procedures

Pioliís Airconditioning Limited recognises that procedures for dealing with both the prevention and control of emergency situations are of vital importance and accepts that they are less likely to happen if proper Health and Safety procedures are in force.


A detailed First Aid and reporting procedure is in place.


Pioliís Airconditioning Limited has planned evacuation procedures, at its offices, which are regularly rehearsed.


No procedures have been devised, internally, as the threat is considered extremely remote, although staff are instructed to comply with an Clientsí requirements.


Contractor Procedures

Pioliís Airconditioning Limited will take suitable steps to choose (using a pre-tender assessment and Approved List system), co-ordinate and monitor contractors, to ensure their competence and their ability to follow good Health and Safety practices.

Project Managers and the Health and Safety Co-ordinators are aware of their responsibilities, under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, including any project notification requirements, if applicable. They are also aware that, as a Principal Contractor, they may be required to provide information, training and consultation arrangements and as a Contractor, they are required to co-operate with the Principal Contractor, providing the latter with details of the management and prevention of health and safety risks, created by their work.



Pioliís Airconditioning Limited accepts responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of people not in their employment but who may be affected by the activities of their undertaking, including visitors. Accordingly, receptionists, or the employee responsible for the visitor, are required to ensure that all visitors log in and out of the building and to inform them of the emergency (i.e. fire evacuation), first aid and accident procedures.












Summaries, statistics and reports of all accidents are produced and analysed at regular intervals and those of the previous 3 years are provided below:

Employees Non-employees

Fatal accidents : 0 0

Major injuries : 0 0

Notifiable diseases : 0 0

Dangerous occurrences : 0 0

ĎOver three dayí accidents : 0 0

Minor injuries : 0 0

Near misses : 0 0





Details of all enforcement action, for breaches of health and safety legislation, taken against the company, or any of its employees, within the past 3 years is provided below:

Company Employees

Prohibition notices : 0 0

Improvement notices : 0 0

Other notices or letters etc : 0 0

Prosecutions : 0 0


Copies of any notices and a summary of any verdict(s) and sentence(s) are attached, if applicable together with the action(s) taken to rectify the situation and / or to prevent a recurrence (see Appendix 3).




























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